Friday, 23 May 2014

Smooth and Creamy Coffee Ice Cream

Starting this post with an honest confession! This is not what I had set out to make. The idea was to make an ice cream with leftover chocolate cake (for which I even baked one and let it not get over) the recipe for which I saw on my favorite food forum and was quite excited to try it. However, the recipe was not quite perfect (at least did not work for me) and I ended up with a lot of creamy ice cream but sans any cakey texture or flavor (I had to literally search the cake bits with a spatula). The recipe called for just a muffin sized chocolate cake but I guess it needs a lot more than that to achieve the end result. Nevertheless, the recipe also called for 2 tbsp instant coffee powder and considering the glitch, I decided to increase on that. As luck would have it, I was out of any instant coffee but had lots of instant 3-in-1 premixed coffee sachets and I decided to use these for the ice cream. I kept adding the sachets until I reached my desired coffee taste. Once frozen, I had the most amazing coffee ice cream I ever had. If you do not like the flavor of coffee pre-mixes (some people like my husband don 't!), you can use regular coffee too. Just adjust the amount as per your liking.

Ingredients (Makes a big sized glass serving bowl)
2 cups full cream milk
1 cup whipping cream (I used half regular cream and half whipped cream)
1 cup milk powder
2 muffin-sized leftover chocolate cake (the original recipe called for just 1 muffin-sized cake; you can either increase the amount or skip it. The taste of the cake was no where obvious at the end)
1 cup hung curd (I used Greek Yogurt)
4 tbsp roasted ground almonds (I used candied almonds)
3 sachets Nescafe coffee pre-mix (can be substituted with regular instant coffee. Add as per your liking no less than 2 tbsp)
5 tbsp sugar (increase if using regular coffee. Taste and adjust accordingly)

In a bowl, take the cream and whip it with an electric mixer till stiff peaks. Add the milk, milk powder, and hung curd one at a time and whip it all together. In a separate mixer, mix the cake and the ground/whole almonds and add it to the cream. Mix everything until well combined. Now add the coffee and whip again. Lastly add the sugar as per taste and transfer to a freezer safe bowl with a lid. Freeze for 6-7 hours before serving or well set. I did not take it out in between this time to whip the ice cream to avoid ice crystals. If the cream has been perfectly whipped, this step can be skipped as per my experience with ice creams. You can decide to do it anyway. Enjoy your chilled coffee delight!

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