Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dahi Kabab

Some dishes are meant to be delayed until the perfect time and today was one such day. I had this lingering thought of preparing dahi kababs some day but somehow I never happened to look up its recipe or really took interest in making them. All I knew was that they are made of hung curd with a few other ingredients, besan being one of it. I am not a big fan of besan and so the recipe never got onto my priority list, though I did think of making it sometime in the future. After my last weekend's party, I had about half a bowl of yogurt dip lying in the fridge and I just knew I had to make them. I quickly looked up some recipes, mostly with besan, until I found this recipe by Tarla Dalal where she used Paneer. I was super pleased and immediately jumped onto the wagon. The kababs were the most amazing melt-in-the-mouth types bursting with flavors. You have to try it to believe that an ingredient as simple as the yogurt can give you such illustrious result.
1 1/2 cup paneer grated
1/2 cup hung curd (in my case, I used the yogurt dip made with hung curd)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tbsp coriander leaves chopped
1 tbsp bread crumbs for binding
1/3 cup fried onions (preferably crispy fried)
1-2 chillies chopped (optional)
Salt as per taste
2 tbsp chopped cashews
2 tbsp raisins
Bread crumbs for rolling the kababs
Oil for shallow frying

In a bowl, take the grated paneer, hung curd, spices, nuts, 1 tbsp bread crumbs, and salt and mix well. If you feel the mixture is not binding well, add some more bread crumbs just enough to bind it all together. Adding a lot of bread crumbs will make it taste like more of bread pakora. Add the fried onions and mix well. Check for seasoning. Now take small ball sized portions from the mixture and gently press between your palms to give the shape of a kabab. Roll the kababs on a plate of bread crumbs and arrange on a plate. Repeat for the rest of the mixture. Now keep the plate of the ready to fry kababs in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or until ready to fry. 
Heat a little oil in a frying pan and shallow fry the kababs till golden on both sides. Remove from heat and serve hot with coriander chutney. You can keep these kababs ready in the fridge for frying just before serving. Ensure that you keep them covered when keeping for longer duration.

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  1. Luv the way you present the food too...looks v yummy got to try