Thursday, 19 March 2015

Baked Stuffed Flower Bread

Breakfast never excites me for the simple reason that I do not want to stress myself with what different to serve to my family which they will happily eat. When it comes to lunch and dinner, you get ample time to think and prepare while breakfast gives you hardly any time to think when you are still unreeling from your last night's dream. However, there are some really interesting and exciting breakfast ideas which can get you going even early in the morning. Today's recipe is a makeover of our very own Bread Pakora with the only difference that it is healthier with no deep frying involved and no mess at all. You can get this ready in just under 15 minutes. Now isn't that a cool breakfast idea!!
Slices of leftover bread, as many servings as you want
Stuffing of your choice (I used a stuffing of mashed and cooked cauliflower, potatoes and carrots dry sabji from last night's dinner)
Butter as required 
Cheese for topping 

Take a bread slice and with the help of a rolling pin, thin it out. 
Now spread butter thinly on both the sides. Make cuts starting from the corner and stopping slightly away from the centre. Repeat for all the corners. 
Place a dollop of the stuffing in the center of the bread slice. 
Lift up the edges gently without breaking and form a cup. 
Place the bread cup on a muffin tray (not required to grease) and top it with some cheese. 
Repeat for all the other bread slices. 
Now bake in a pre-heated oven at 175 degrees for 7-10 minutes till the bread is crispy from the edges and the cheese melted. I switched on the top rod only for thr final few minutes to speed up the process. 
Serve hot!!

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