Friday, 12 June 2015

Kesari Malai Rabdi

First attempts are most often the best but the second is always better. My experiment with this delicious Indian dessert today just proved the same. The first time I tried making Rabdi at home, it was an instant hit with my friends and they loved it completely and even licked off the entire bowl. However, I knew I could do better and I did certainly. The Rabdi today turned out simply outstanding and just like I have had it all my life in Mumbai. My Father-in-law has a big weakness for sweets, especially rabdi. He would bring tubs of it from Punjab Sind Dairy (a local and quite prominent dairy sweet shop nearby) and have it after every meal. Today, when I tasted my Rabdi I literally jumped with joy as I knew how much he would have loved to eat this. It is sometimes so exciting to cook what your elders love to eat. This I made today for a very dear friend who is in her 8th month of pregnancy and had asked me for it sometime back. Now how can you not fulfil a pregnant lady's wish.... After all, who doesn't want good wishes!! 😜😜
1 liter full cream milk
200 ml cream
2-3 tbsp sugar (as per your taste)
Few strands of kesar soaked in warm milk
1 tsp cardamom powder (I forgot but the aroma of saffron completely worked its magic)
Pistachios chopped for garnish 

Take a wide mouthed deep pan and pour the milk and cream. Bring to a boil and then reduce the flame to minimum. 
Gently with the help of a spoon, push the layer of cream/malai that is formed on the top to the side as shown in the picture above. Repeat this process every 5-10 minutes and keep collecting the cream on the sides of the pan. Make sure the heat is at the lowest. 
When the milk reduces to almost 1/3, start scraping down the sides and mix into the milk. Now add the sugar and cardamom powder and mix well. Add the saffron milk and stir. 
When the milk reaches a creamy consistency, remove from heat. The process although very simple will take around 2-2.5 hrs to complete. Just put it on the stove on one side and carry on with your rest of the work. Garnish with chopped pistachios (you can add some into the milk as well) and let it cool. Chill in the refrigerator. Enjoy with some delicious hot Jalebis or as is!!

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